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International Public Policy Review

International Public Policy Pte. Ltd. (IPP) offers knowledge and expertise on Asian and world affairs to the public as well as the business community. Our mission is to “Know Asia, Sustain Development and Promote Peace”.

For the public, the IPP Review (ISSN: 2424984X) is an online forum that provides original, updated and in-depth analyses of Asian and world affairs.

For the business community, IPP offers consultancy services that provide our clients with a greater understanding of the political and economic trends that affect Asian and global markets.


The views expressed in the articles and blog posts of the IPP Review do not necessarily reflect the views of International Public Policy Pte. Ltd.


Articles in IPP Review are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives licence. You are allowed to republish our articles, but the content must not be changed, you must cite IPP Review as the source, and you must provide a link back to the original article on the IPP Review website.

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