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By Alvin Cheng-Hin Lim - 18 Jan 2017

China’s USD 40 Billion Investment in Nigeria

On January 11, 2017, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi announced that China will be investing an additional USD 40 billion in Nigeria, on top of China’s USD 45 billion in existing investments in the country.  
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By Wen Xin Lim - 17 Jan 2017

What is the Cause of China’s Capital Flight?

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By Alvin Cheng-Hin Lim - 13 Jan 2017

Protest Erupts in Sri Lanka's Hambantota over Chinese Megaproject

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The Coming Trade War Between the US and China

Asia watchers are anxiously awaiting US President-elect Donald Trump’s first actions after his inauguration, in particular whether he will carry out his threat of designating China as a currency manipulator. Such a designation will allow US to institute punitive tariffs on Chinese imports.
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The Rationale Behind Trump’s Tax Slash

While the US economy is driven by multiple factors including innovation, business sophistication, market size, financial market development, labor market efficiency, and higher education and training, high tax rates and tax regulations remain the two most important downsides of doing business in US.
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Correcting China’s Current Debt Levels

China’s debt level is increasing, along with toxic debts on its balance sheet. This situation can be compared to Taiwan and South Korea before the financial crisis hit in the 1990s. China may be able to use the same strategies adopted by them to overcome threats to its economy.  
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The Potential of Chinese Investment in Malaysia's Johor Bahru

Bloomberg reported in November 2016 that Chinese developers were spearheading the USD 100 billion Chinese-made city in Johor Bahru, a city at the southern tip of Malaysia and bordering Singapore, to turn it into the next Shenzhen.
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Taming China’s Stock Markets: Is the Anti-Graft Drive Working?

An unprecedented stock rout in the summer of 2015 led to draconian anti-graft investigations into officials and executives in China’s financial sectors, with at least eight officials in the China Securities Regulatory Commission being detained.
By Gang Chen - 13 Dec 2016 | 0 comments Read more...
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Can Trump “Warm” to the One Belt One Road Initiative?

There has been some indication that the Trump administration wishes to shift the US’ disposition toward Chinese initiatives such as the One Belt One Road initiative. Many negative American perceptions of Chinese economic leadership, particularly of the OBOR, must first be addressed.
By Alek Chance - 02 Dec 2016 | 0 comments Read more...
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Modi’s Demonetization of Rupee Banknotes: Bold Reform or Reckless Adventure?

Modi explained that the demonetization was to stop counterfeiting of the current banknotes, as these had allegedly been used for funding terrorism. It was also designed to crack down on black money, a term which refers to income illegally obtained or undeclared for tax purposes.
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